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History of Classical Fun Music, Inc.

Robert, Claire and Nicole Franki
After having our daughter Nicole in 1998 we began our transitions from senior corporate managers, to our current lives as home schooling parents, musicians, media producers, teachers, business people, classical music advocates, and volunteers. We moved to the Tampa Florida area in June 2000, and became involved in Suzuki music education in 2001. In early 2002, we formed Classical FUN Music, Inc., whose mission is to “preserve and enjoy classical music with our children.” We moved to Rochester, NY in 2006 in order to be closer to our families, who live in New York State. Our current professional concentrations are divided among the following three areas: teaching, product development and playing music.
We are teachers and curriculum developers, and have created a classical music and movement program, which we taught at Ruth Eckerd Hall and our home studio. Beginning as early as 4 months old, children can learn the classical repertoire and music fundamentals through our unique teaching method. Our recipe: combine great symphonic music with original lyrics and fun movement activities to create memorable experiences. We are always interested in doing seminars and classes for our outreach. 

Robert and Claire Teaching at Ruth Eckerd Hall

Robert and Claire Playing at Mease Countryside Hospital
We are classical musicians. Claire studied the cello in Berkeley and London, and played at the Columbia University Orchestra. Bob plays the piano, composes music, and has developed and taught Digital Art classes from day-camp to college levels. We also enjoy volunteering. Some of our charity performances have been at the Largo Cultural Center and the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. We also had an association with Morton Plant Mease Hospitals through Ruth Eckerd Hall and performed at one of their hospitals every month. All of these pursuits were designed for integration with the home-schooling of our daughter Nicole. At age 10, we are so proud of all she has become; physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Amongst her many talents, she is an accomplished pianist and music aficionado, and we consider her to be a shining example of how nurturing and positive an early classical music education can be.

Our Mission - The mission of Classical FUN Music is to preserve and enjoy classical music with our children. We do this by combining timeless selections of the best music in the world with child centered lyrics, complementary activities and images to create fun, memorable experiences.

Recent neuroscience research demonstrates that early music training, especially classical music, can enhance math and science learning capabilities and other cognitive functions. In addition, active listening, like riding a hobby horse to the “William Tell Overture,” makes a much bigger imprint than passive listening.

In our classes, children learn classical music through movement activities such as running, skipping, galloping, singing, clapping, and playing instruments, including the violin and piano. They acquire the basics of rhythm, melody, verse and dynamics through fun filled sing and dance-a-long activities. In addition to classical music, we also devote a portion of our class time to traditional children songs, nursery rhymes, and folk songs. Each class ends with a live piano/cello performance.

Our products, the "Classical FUN Sing-A-Longs" music CD and "The A to Z Symphony" video provide a substantial base for the beginning of a lifetime of appreciation for fine music.

Claire Introduces the Violin
Children who listen to great music, know how to keep a beat and can carry a tune, have acquired basic music competence. These skills will provide the foundation for a lifetime of music appreciation and participation. The Classical FUN Music program is a great way to give your child the gift of classical music at the most important time in their lives, when their brains are at their readiest!
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