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Reviews of "The A to Z Symphony"
“Before long, your child will learn to identify Rossini’s William Tell Overture and Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons” – Newsweek Magazine

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“It's impossible to mention all 26 segments which range from spectacular, enchanting and beautiful to educational, adorable and fun. This is an amazing tribute to the harmony of music and nature.” – Chicago News Sun
“Filled with appealing shots of children and animals, the footage easily fits the music. Innovative and appealing.” – American Library Association, Booklist
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“A popular and recommended addition to family, preschool, and community library DVD collections.” – The Midwest Book Review
Reviews of "Classical FUN Sing-A-Longs"
“The lyrics are simple and sung clearly by two superb vocalists, Daniel DeVicente and Julie Parsons.” – Pasadena Star - News
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“The point here is to turn classical music into child's play, thereby influencing lifelong music competence and a foundation for music comprehension and participation.” –
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